Yup. Consolidation. Simplification.


As noted in my last post, I’m doing some consolidation of various sites and blogs.  Today I moved over Getsch.net, redirected most things to this site (Toby.Getsch.com), and also added my resume here.  Most old links should redirect and if they don’t it’s probably because I had too many things scattered around too many areas, had too many URL’s and domains and wasn’t simple enough. Ha!  So, now it’s simpler.

I’m branching out into doing more contract work and moving back more towards small business consulting (TechProfound).  I still have plenty of connections to larger organizations and still get referrals based on many years of work with SharePoint.  Got a referral call today, in fact!  There is plenty of work to be had.  Just need to make the connections and keep working at it.

So, thanks for tuning in!  I noticed I picked up quite a few new followers after my last post.  Welcome!  With all of the past blogging I did a number of years ago, there is about 1,200 posts now all joined together here, going all the way back to 2004.  The categories and tags should help find things, as well as search.  I’ve really liked getting back into things here on WordPress.  They do a good job and their support has been really nice to work with.  Cheers!

Enter New TechProfound.com


I’ve just imported several old blogs into this one and updated many pages and comments to correct previous links that are no longer valid.  There is still more work to do, particularly with the older info.  I’m working from most current to oldest.  The point: TechProfound is all new and under construction and no longer hosted here.  I will be posting new business things over there. I’ll post things here too, but not the business stuff. There is plenty of old stuff to search threw here. Have at it… And… Stay tuned!

New Different Better and Change


To get something new, different, or better — one must change.
To stay the same and be wowed by everything changing around us, that is not wise.
To stay the same and to be unwise, that alienates.
To alienate, that yields corresponding results.

How are you going to make change happen and learn to enjoy it, relish it and want more of it?

I’m going to dress nicer for work, show up at the office earlier, do my best work and lead by example.  It is time to step it up.